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Let the front-end development like fun and easy

Date: 2014/10/27 Vists: 959

Pinteur: excellent domestic HTML, CSS, JS cross screen response open source front frame, the use of the latest browser technology, provide a series of text, icons, media, tables, forms, buttons, menus, grid system style kit for the front-end development fast, small footprint, front-end interface using the jigsaw puzzle can quickly build concise, elegant and automatically adapt to the mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer and other equipment, let the front-end development like fun and easy.

Pintuer front frame in the traditional CSS framework basically, increased HTML5, CSS3, JS and other technology combination, the latest application of browser technology, compatible with older browsers, combination of the old and the new, the past, developers only need to put the framework document introduction to the project, will be able to jointly develop the peep fast, change the past, the establishment of the PC web site at the same time, and then build mobile phone site situation, the realization of a station in response to all equipment, greatly improves the efficiency of development.

Mobile first, cross screen response: pintuer to mobile devices as the starting point, the priority according to mobile equipment; expand from the mobile device to the desktop plate, computer and other equipment, to achieve cross screen response, compatible desktop browser at the same time, more to adapt to the trend of mobile internet.

Rich component, massive plugin: Pintuer front frame redefined CSS basic, common components and JS components, fast frame front end interface, the realization of cross screen response. Compatible with all jQuery plugins that can be flexibly used in the project, let the front developing menace.

Lightweight high performance, domestic open source: Jigsaw wide application based on lightweight jQuery plug-in, high efficiency; compared to the front frame abroad, pintuer front frame focuses on Chinese support, consistent with the vision and experience to the people, realize the domestic mainstream browser support, reduce the compatibility test time, improve the efficiency of development.

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