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Nubmer: 3 Programmer

Job description:

  1. Participate in project design, responsible for the overall structure of the project B/S website design, demand analysis, system modeling, design development and internal test work, and participate in the implementation of the project;
  2. According to the system design scheme, project development and distribution of tasks, the completion of high quality coding work within the prescribed period of time;
  3. Comprehensive testing strictly on the module or the program, software fault diagnosis, localization, analysis and debugging, to implement the product test plan, and assist the tester complete software system testing.

Position requirements:

  1. At least 1 years experience in PHP development, a large website architecture design experience, have OOP development idea, some system design ability, familiar with the three layer architecture, MVC / multilayer model development as well as the mainstream open-source framework;
  2. Familiar with HTTP protocol, proficiency in XML, HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, JSON, Jquery etc. Web page technology;
  3. Proficient in MySQL database, skilled writing stored procedures, have experience on database management, optimization of certain;
  4. Good programming habits and strong documentation skills; strong initiative, curiosity and teamwork spirit; be able to bear the appropriate pressure side;
  5. Good communication, expression, analysis and problem solving ability, team spirit, have the desire to learn new knowledge and good learning ability, can bear certain work pressure.

Nubmer: 3 Designer

Job description:

  1. Responsible for construction site customization; designers can "achieve their creative a powerful and unconstrained style", to meet customer demand for the site effect;
  2. The effect of design using W3C standard to construct the page, Flash animation, make a simple Javascript effect;
  3. Responsible for page optimization, make the page access fast, more humane, more easy to use with good;

Position requirements:

  1. For more than a year of business web site design, graphic design experience is preferred; proficient in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, flash and other software;
  2. Have a strong art foundation and good design performance ability, able to accurately grasp the overall style and visual image of the website, to the structure of the web site planning of a certain experience;
  3. Have deep art strength, has the rich creative imagination, design rich rendering force; to design trends have a strong sensitivity, with open eyes;
  4. Proficient in DIV+CSS writing standard, can write multi browser compatible pages, familiar with the Html language, familiar with Javascript scripting language, be able to complete the project coordination and programmer;
  5. Good communication skills and teamwork ability, sense of responsibility, strong learning ability, can withstand the strong pressure of work;
  6. Honest, strong learning ability, strong sense of responsibility, a strong sense of innovation, with strong teamwork spirit.

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